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February 23, 2013



There is only ONE possible good thing about this's a bit twisty, so ride with me here.....
IF I understand the waxing phenomena correctly, you have to have some bucks to be able to affortd it (especially if you have it done repeatedly).....
IF I understand the waxing procedure correctly, there is a not insignificant amount of pain to endure....
and IF I understand the history of the Cedar Tavern correctly, there are many spirits still residing there.....


EVERY time an overly-folliculed, overly-monied, more cash than brains, Yuppie/Muppie Scum SCREAMS out in pain during the procedure, the spirits of past Cedar Tavern patrons will get a measure of REVENGE on the VERY people who destroyed their/your shrine.

How'd I do?


And since my mind is experiencing some rarified level of consciousness here this about THIS flyer about THE STENCIL....

Seems to me in my travels around the city at various times in my lifr, this type of stencil was wide-spread, and ever changing from one period of time to another.
My idea is that, not unlike a couple of other examples, this stencil is NOT of a particular artist, but of an image as a representation of either an artistic style, or more likely a "branding" image for an artist collective/co-op, or even a "movement".
Having proposed this as simply brainstorming the challenge, it may just be the alternative definition of a movement....IF you catch my drift :+)

Break a leg with the hunt!

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