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February 26, 2013



Don't worry. I have faith that we will prevail! -Joyce Linehan


Just keep comin' up with sentences/sentiments like
"...of course, idiots like to fuck things up", and I will follow your blog FOREVER!!!

And you are correct sir.....there is no other single song that sounds so good cranked up to 11 while
your favorite multi-mile stretch of road doin' about 100 miles an hour.....and because it's 2013, I'll curtail the remainder of this descriptive passage.

James C. Taylor

What is wrong with people? I quite like some Aerosmith tracks, but "Dream On" is possibly the most overplayed and turgid of all "classic rock" songs. As someone who spent four years working in an office in which CBS 106.7 Lite FM was the radio station of choice I can testify as to the track's staunch refusal to shut up and die. Whenever I hear it I actually long for such forgotten obscurities as "Piano Man" or "Hotel California".

P.S. I love the Jonathan Richman track "Springtime in New York".

P.P.S. Please don't pick on Pet Sounds.

GG Allin

You may like this gig flyer:


Jonathan Richman was never called an asshole.

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