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February 19, 2013



CBGB Theatre?? What??? What is this? I've never heard of such a thing, despite fetishizing the world of CBGB for thirty years and more. Please elucidate, if you know more.


Good info here:

How did I not know about this?


Wotwot? YOU are NOT perfect???
Well, there goes my world crashing to the ground again! :+)

Whenever the subject of being perfect comes up, I always go back to Grace Jones.....
"I'm not perfect....
but I'm perfect for you."

Just keep swingin' for the fences....even Babe Ruth struck out a third of the time.


8 years later on the David Johansen photo...

I found this old shot of the doorway in the NYC tax records database, it's immediately to the left of the City Theatre:;sort:borough%2Cblock%2Clot%2Czip_code;lc:NYCMA~5~5&mi=0&trs=1

You can just about make out the "Dancing To Nite" text that's visible above the door in the version of the photo shared by David Marin:

I think the doorway is on the right hand side of the building in the lot photo you included in this post, underneath where the "Park" sign is (City Theatre was demolished at some point and replaced with a parking lot).

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