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January 23, 2013


peter missing

hey thanks for the write up why do you not interview peter missing because you have a warped impression i scared people with my original music and i am a scary person thats not missing foundation we were wiki leaks before the computer and the fbi was the main reason for the meltdown of the band and i will release MISSING SEVEN HAZARD despite the childish remark missing zero hazard once again its another band you know nothing about ! good luck with your blog but stop reporting false information if you can .....

Alex in NYC

Respectfully, my closing comment (if that's the one you're referring to as the "childish remark") wasn't intended to be taken entirely seriously, but if that doesn't come across accurately, that's invariably due to a failing on my part as the line's author.

Part of the whole impetus of this piece was to *clear up* misconceptions about the Missing Foundation of the 80's/90's by speaking with one of its members. By the same token, you'd have to admit that there was certainly an element of threatening mystique to the band *at that stage* which wasn't entirely accidental, no?

As I mentioned, Peter Missing now concentrates on Missing Seven Hazard, a very different project (to which I provided a link), and I pointed out that it's more concerned with the present and the future, and not the past. But this post wasn't about M7H.


yo just wanted to thank you for all the dope mf content
i'm a long way from all of it but been super fascinated for a long time

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