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January 18, 2013


Ian W. Hill

I'm having a hard time telling with the Ramones video above, and the Blondie cover looks too far northwest and close to Union Square to be the Clocktower (again, license may have been taken with the painting) -- however, THIS Ramones video, for "Spider-Man," DEFINITELY has them on top of the Clocktower building:

I once worked on a theatre piece in the tower, and had keys to the tower and the roof -- still have them, doubt that they still work, but sometimes I wonder...

Steve Wagner

I've always loved this album cover. Wikipedia states that the group photo was taken on a roof at Broadway and 8th. The image was taken from a commissioned painting by artist Martin Hoffman. Hope this helps!


Yep, Broadway and 8th... South-West Bldg.

Sophia O.

Hi! I'm Sophia. Its a coincidence that I came across this post but maybe a little late. My grandfather, Martin Hoffman, actually painted the cover art! He passed abruptly four years ago but I believe he had always said that he took it from the rooftop of his apartment. And he lived at 300 mercer! Hope this helps:).

Steve was done at 300 Mercer. Album was recorded in Cali, but the band insisted cover art was done in NYC.

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