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November 27, 2012


rick mcginnis

Lunch For Your Ears was one of my must-visit shopping destinations in NYC when I used to visit regularly in the late '80s to visit my (then- and soon-to-be-ex-) girlfriend studying at NYU. Manny was, IIRC, a Canadian (like me,) and the store went down (if I'm not mistaken) in a nightmarish scenario that involved Manny falling victim to substance abuse, the sort of which Canadians were always warning our friends about when they moved to New York. He was an intense guy, and being a big skronk jazz/Knitting Factory fan at the time, I found his shop essential, though you could find a lot of his stock at other downtown stores if you did the whole circuit in a weekend. Which I frequently did. So I have memories of many of the stores on your list, which are stirred up whenever I marvel at how I had to take regular trips to NY to scratch my record fix, once upon a time.


Oh shit Colony records closed, they had like countless memorabilia in addition to records and the sheet music if you read notes.

James C. Taylor

That's a pretty sobering list. I wonder if any record stores have OPENED since 1991...

Alex in NYC

Hmmm...Generation Records on Thompson, Other Music on 4th and Kim's on 1st Avenue are all post-1991, I *think*.

That said, there were also several that opened after `91 that are now closed as well (Future Legend on the UWS, Route 66....)


Almost every weekend in the mid 80's I hit most of the places mentioned in your article. I walked around the village recently for the first time in years and was saddened to see how much has vanished.

There was one other store I would occasionally drop into on the southeast corner of 6th Ave. and 14th Street called Second Hand Rose. It was located on the 2nd floor so it wasn't as easy to spot as the other shops.

Supposedly they are still in business at 48 E. 12th Street. At least, their web site (last updated in 2010) lists them as being located there.

jon abbey

just pointed to this now by Alex:

people may be interested to know that Manny of Lunch for Your Ears works at Downtown Music Gallery now, still open, down in Chinatown now. he is still as cranky and awesome as ever (although admittedly I didn't know him back in the day).


oh yeah Second Hand Rose!!! taking me back!! best days of my life record shopping and browsing the racks... cheers for this,gonna pass it on!

Manny Maris

Correction for dates of Lunch For Your Ears, from owner Manny Maris 'imself, existence and locations:
Started within Sohozat the counter-cultural everything mega-store, on West Broadway just north of Canal St, April 1985-August 1986; continued at shared space with another record store, Rocks In Your Head, at 157 Prince St, September 1986-February 1988, got it's own space at 25 Prince St, March 1988-May 1991. Bruce Lee Gallanter, former LFYE employee, opened Downtown Music Gallery, that Manny later became a partner in, that same month, which is still in business 26 years later!

Dawn Eden Goldstein

Thanks so much for this. I am glad to hear that Manny became a partner in Downtown Music Gallery and was still alive in 2012.


I was the last employee at LFYE, I was presumably given the job because every other employee had rightly jumped ship as the space descended into a brutally nightmarish drug-pit... I kept it open as best I could for much of its final year, basically single-handed, but the situation eventually became too much for me, too. It had been such a great place!

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