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October 23, 2012



The photo angle is confusing. Is that taken while standing on 2nd street, pointing toward Ave B? Because if it isn't, then I'd say the photo is flipped (inside out).
anyway... Sure miss those watermelon vodka slushies on a sweltering summer night there.


I miss these last days of NYC. That area is a graveyard of condos, soulless stores and average guy bars now. NY is dead.


I used to live across the street and have recently been scanning all my old negatives.... Imagine my surprise when I found some shots of the Gas Station that I must have leaned out of the window to shoot.

That collage that you posted to is offline but I decided to make my own with photoshop. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

Leif Harmsen

My image isn't offline, this blog just got the url wrong. It's

But better enter on the actual page so you can the the original rather than this copy.

Whatthehuh: It's not inside out or flipped, though I like both those ideas. The photos were taken from up high across the street. "Victoria" used to sell junk from the doorway of that burned out building and she let me in to take the pictures.

Joncro: I love your collage! What year was that?
- Leif Harmsen

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