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September 18, 2012


James Taylor

Argh. This hurts, not because I went in there very often, but because it was a daily reminder that not every establishment in lower Manhattan is a purveyor curated fro-yo. Plus who could resist their preference for chunky barware:


Teeny tiny silver lining: There will be no Full Liquor license at this location as it is too close to the Village Temple. Being that it's already vented for a restaurant that's probably what's going to go in there.


I wish I could believe it will be a restaurant again. Not that I don't have complete trust in real estate companies. But if you're skeptical too, email the realty agent: [email protected] and let them know we want a restaurant with the same home family like qualities as the University Coffee Shop. Thanks.


Shut the doors & close it down. Most expensive, sloppiest tuna sandwich I have ever eaten. Maybe they will put a new watering hole, w/o any bloody televisions in there, but gadzooks please no more pizza places and/or pasta joints. How about a record store! haha
As for SilverSpurs - agreed dispiriting Texan vibe - but seeing Pablo and having breakfast at the counter with the grumpiest of the locals is sometimes a treat, along with watching the cook staff bark at one another in a sort of Greekish-Spanishy tinge. Only the counter, don't deal with the tables, as the waitresses are a hot mess with a roll of the dice.

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