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September 29, 2012


Rick Schindler

You'll have to ask Brooke. Otherwise this will eat at you for years to come. The public has a right to know.


i'd ask her in a second, that is if i was stupid enough to even think it's her! Plenty of girls looked similar in that position back then, it's really just the eye brows, no? Who in NY had a tan like that back then? Not a famous actress? And for the record, seriously, not even the band members themselves trust everything their own manager says, certainly wouldn't be the first manager of an artist to try and shine positive light on his client. Good PR for both though, so they might as well run with it, until the real female subject of the photo stands up and let's everyone know. Seriously Brooke hung out with Michael Jackson around this time, you really think in the same decade she's be in a room SMOKING with H.R.? Hell fucking no.... that was a fun waste of time.

rick mcginnis

I imagine there was no shortage of healthy, well-brought up trustafarian gals and guys kicking around Manhattan at this time (there still are today, after all,) and the Brooke look was one you'd probably find in abundance at many east coast prep schools, so I'm thinking not Brooke, in this case.

Sally cinnamon

That was Brooke shields in a photo shoot with stiv

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