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August 15, 2012



Problem is there are entire sights devoted to this sick-fuck reasoning, and when one goes to these sites, they are so full of holes in the cases that they are trying to build, that it's obvious that the people who then continue to spew the unBELEVABLE falseheads are they, themselves, SICK FUCKS.
But "being on the net" ALONE seems to then be justification for media to spread the stories AS IF they are credible enough to do so.
For example, I THOUGHT the Daily Beast was doing some interesting stuff when they first started, but lately it's like they've turned into an under-educated but still got the veneer Enquirer.....toutin' Ob as Nazi-like, and "Mitt says Obama immigration policies will DESTROY America" because Ob came down on Joe the Plumber saying we should start shooting Mexicans trying to enter the US illegally.....DAMN MAN, it's turned into BIZARRO world !

GG Allin

This sickens me - DEVO at Urban Outfitters. Well, even DEVO is succeptble to de-evolution I suppose. Very sad, indeed.

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