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August 27, 2012


Patti Sirens

I remember the Sin Club! I was the bassplayer in a band called Mistaken Identity, and we played the sin club in august of 1983. If I remember right, it had been a polish or ukranian bar, there were these huge cabinets with glass doors that displayed a bunch of model ships. The bands played in the back room but there were still some old geeezers drinking at the bar.


The husband went to that show at Columbia and confirms that 1983 sounds right and thinksit might have been an aternoon show. He reports on the whereabouts of Rat at Rat R. Sonda the bass player has a graphics company or something in Arizona. John the guitar player is the orchestra meister for Glenn Branca. Dave and Victor were last seen in Pennsylvania. Dave might have a kid.

He also says that those three bands also played together at the Sin Club, for which he has a long story about coming home to apartments almost getting robbed via the fire escape, scaring them off with a broken bass neck, and the thieves left behind bags of dope on the window sill.

Glenn Belverio

I have a semi-foggy memory of going to the Sin Club to see a punk band called (I think) Bloodsuckers from Outer Space (they were kind of a rip-off of Alien Sex Fiend) in 1987. It was still there then, right? I remember it being in a basement, under what is now the Maria Cafe in the little building that is falling down.


The Sin Club was open for 7 months in 1983. It had been a bar managed by Rosevelt. Eric Anderson partnered with Rosevelt and that was when Safety In Numbers was formed. The police closed The Sin Club down in the Fall, 1983.
The Noise Rock music was the brain child of Michael Pettis.

Alex in NYC

Cheers, Eric.

Mark Satlof

Hi Alex - I've been thinking about the Swans/Sonic Youth Columbia gig recently, sparked by reading Kim Gordon's book. I was at Columbia at the time, a sophomore, and involved in the concert committee (but can't remember anything about this show). So it was fun while googling to find this story. I have the vaguest memory of Sonic Youth NOT making this show, but I haven't found any proof of that. I think i was there and remember it being kinda empty.


I was a bouncer at the club in '83. Mike Pettis booked the shows. Good old days.


Oh lord seeing this photo with these posters reminds me so much of what the old East Village was like when I moved there in the early 80s. I only went to one show at the Sin Club in the summer of '83... Sonic Youth. They played an uninspired set. It was so bad I never saw them again after that night and prior to that I'd been a big fan following them all over town (Manhattan) to see them perform... at the Mudd Club, CBGBs, Danceteria, etc.

An all girl band called UT opened for them.

I had the first Swans EP on Labor Records but eventually used it as a frisbee at a party one night. Needless to say, we thought it was an awful record.

Lorraine Kennedy

Haha, I was a bartender there,
also Lex & I tried serving "breakfast," from the filthy kitchen; my home fries, scrambled eggs, and cold bread (no toaster, no requests).

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