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August 26, 2012


rick mcginnis

I couldn't help but notice that the "today" version of this subway entrance is framed by scaffolding, the sort that absolutely fills Manhattan's streets these days, and has for many years. I don't know whether it's the almost constant renovation/redevelopment or newly stringent building code regulations that require scaffolding to be erected if somebody's window box needs to be watered, but I don't recall New York being quite so scaffold mad in olden times. One thing I know for sure - it's made taking a clean, well-composed photo on the street a pain.


I think the "Police Band" being referred to was "Boris Policeband"...


Yes to the above. See:

Policeband appears in the film that Coleen Fitzgibbon and Alan W. Moore created in 1978 (finished in 2009) of a no wave concert to benefit Colab called X Magazine Benefit that documents a performance of Boris Policeband, along with those of DNA and James Chance and the Contortions. Shot in black and white super-8 the film captures the gritty look and sound of the music scene during that era. In 2013 it was exhibited at Salon 94, an art gallery in New York City

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