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August 25, 2012


A Concerned Citizen

"...Something nostalgic bloggers like myself come dangerously close at times to even celebrating: New York City's so-called "bad old days."

Dangerously close? HA! You and your brethren live in that murky nostalgia. You are not a hypocrite for enjoying this kind of grisly violence in entertainment form, as it is not real. Nor are you a hypocrite for pining for the amazing artistic and cultural worlds that Guiliani/Bloomberg suffocated. However you are a hypocrite for your pining for the actual drug dealers. prostitutes, junkies, homeless of pre-gentrified new york. These people generally led painful lives which this blog (and others) creepily whitewash for their own sense of identity and entertainment.

Alex in NYC

Respectfully, I don't pine for "the actual drug dealers. prostitutes, junkies, homeless of pre-gentrified new york."

As you cite, I do indeed miss the culturally and artistically fertile hotbed that those criminal elements unintentionally afforded (given that they helped make NYC so unpalatable that they reduced the cost of living in certain `hoods to a level where artists could actually thrive), but --speaking for myself (I don't speak for my fellow bloggers) -- I don't miss the crime. Having grown up here, I remember it first hand, and it's not something to be embraced.

At the risk of taking the bait, I'd like to ask you to please point to a post wherein I glorified such a druggie or a prostitute, and I'll address it.


First, on the topic of the post: The gun violence at the Empire State Building. I’m actually happy the New York Times posted that photo. I mean, people say it’s grisly, but WTF… What about Weegee photos from back in the day? They as—if not more—violent than this photo & were printed in newspapers & are now considered art. Death is horrible… And humans are fascinated with it… So I see this as all good. In fact it’s great. Not because a human is dead, but because people really seem to be disconnected from the effects of violence in the world & the horrors of gun violence.

We need to see more photos like this after every incident to drive the point home: Gun violence is a problem in America & gun control laws need to be tightened. Period!

In contrast let’s look at the Colorado shootings: All I have seen are pics of what? That schmuck loon ball & what else. They’re making a lunatic famous for what reason? Why give a homicidal narcissist the attention he seeks. Just toss him in jail.

As for fetishizing the violence in “Taxi Driver” and such, I dunno… The violence in that film never appealed to me. What did appeal to me was the whole concept that in the post-Vietnam world Travis Bickle lived in, what he could do would somehow be rewarded… He had a fantasy about rescuing a damsel in distress, was warped by Vietnam & lo & behold, he's placed on a pedestal at the end of the film. Taxi Driver is about the horrors of a society off kilter & this one guy caught in the middle of it.

Ignore the trolls.

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