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August 01, 2012



Ah, but can you name the three kids?

Alex in NYC


Bob Egan

Nicly played, my compadre.

I gave it a quick run through last night, but I was thinking the truck was turning midblock into an entrance of the 34th St tunnel or 59th Street bridge, so I was off.

I had forgotten about that little roof. Did Patti Smith and Robert Maplethorp used to live in that building? I think they lived in a corner building on Irving Place and I thought it was where they took the cover of "Horses." Could be wrong about that. Just remembering something I think I read.


So if the photo of Sylvain and Johansen was taken facing north, just what is that pointed thing that appears to be coming out of Johansen's head? There's no church there.
Bob E.- As for the cover shot of "Horses," I believe it was taken in an apartment in 1 Fifth Avenue belonging to Sam Wagstaff, Mapplethorpe's boyfriend at the time. (I'm no historian, but I read Smith's "Just Kids" a couple of times.)

Alex in NYC

That's not a church steeple, that's the facade of the building north of East 17th street.


Ah, I see it now. Thanks

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