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July 18, 2012



Lump me in with the insister stickler for accuracy from "authorities" team. I hears ya' comrade!

James Taylor

Damn straight! Like that Back To The Future internet hoax: anyone who posted about it clearly has never seen the movie. It's like wearing a Flipper t-shirt without ever having heard the band...

Alex in NYC



What about the coffee shop where Paul and Marcy meet?

GG Allin

Alright man - after all of your raving about After Hours, I thought I'd give it a go. It was a little before my time to catch in the theaters (I was 12 in 1985), and I'm stunned that I haven't taken the time to watch it before. I'm not anything close to a cinephile of movie-nut, but I know what's good, and Scorsese rarely makes anything south of that - which makes me wonder even more why I never watched it.

Anyways, that's all over because I watched it tonite - alone. See, my wife has a severe distaste for pre-1995 movies that don't contain any Brat Packers, and I, loving a good movie whether its from '53 or '03, insisted that it was MY night to watch a flick.

Thank you so, so much for yammering non-stop about After Hours! I loved it. Almost made me wanna throw on some clothes and get myself lost in DC. I say "almost," because I dont feel like getting shot, mugged, or tripping and getting stuck by an AIDS-infected needle.

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