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June 27, 2012


jon abbey

I still talk about this place all the time, I saw so many great shows there, especially on their free Monday nights. Caspar Brotzmann Massaker, Royal Trux, Ruins, Borbetomagus, the first American show by godspeed you black emperor, Loren Connors/Keiji Haino, Dean Roberts and Alan Licht doing early Eno covers, on and on and on. I might not be running a label now if there was no Cooler.

and Tonic kind of filled some of the hole that the Cooler left, but nothing has filled the hole that Tonic left. ugh.


Re: " . . . once a dark, forbidding byway and the perfect place to get mugged, raped, abducted or stabbed . . .
Not in the early and mid-1990's. The Cooler was just a few steps west of the avenue. The Eagle Tavern was still in business across Ninth Avenue on the north side of 14th, Cafe Rio-Mar had its kitchen open until 3 a.m. a block away, and just another block down and around the corner was Florent around the clock. Plus, wasn't there a 24-hour bagel place more or less right next store? And Mother was the site of Jackie 60 and Night of 1,000 Stevies on a regluar basis.

Alex in NYC

That line wasn't meant to be taken entirely seriously. That said, in early and mid-1990s, the Meatpacking District was still a comparatively less traveled space.


Fair enough. Sorry for the overreaction. And boy, is "comparatively less traveled" an understatement. Me, I don't go near it. Unless I really need something from DVF or Stella McCartney.


I actually own a Peter Brötzmann CD, The Cooler Suite, that documents a gig I was in the audience for. One of two times I went there - the other time was to watch Borbetomagus, who were opening for Charles Gayle.


loved this place - RIP MeatPacking District

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