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May 06, 2012



I remember selling about 40 CDs there, good CDs as in good name bands and artists (mostly Britpop) and good quality, that I didn't wanna part with, but I had to since I was a starving student with a shitty part-time job that I just quit, and all I got was $15 for it. Not even 50 cents per CD. But I had to take it, since I was desperate and broke. First thing I bought with the money was a Papaya Dog special -- 2 'dogs and a drink -- and that was one of the best and delicious meal I've ever had even up to today. Better than the lobster rolls any of these artisanal foods, not that I've had many of those. But that's either here nor there.

As for Norman's Sound and Vision, it's just fitting that they move to Williamsburg. At least they haven't vanished completely. Williamsburg/Bushwick/Crown Heights are the new East Village. And the East Village is the new Hamptons. No one really comes to the EV anymore to shop for CDs. They head for that shiny glistening new bar or foodie artisanal restaurant, or just be like in a mall and head to the for-yo places. And at least Sounds is still around.


Dude. You should have just gone around the corner and tried Sounds, or Joe's, or Kim's, or 13, or Wowsville, or whatever was in the now vacant spot that was Norman's 2 and then Rocket Scientist!

Alex in NYC

Rocket Scientist is leaving, Wowsville's LONG gone. Sounds is amazingly still there.


I seemed to think you were referring to a while ago. Rocket Scientist sadly is gone now. I hope Joey the vinyl guy out fron is able to hang on to his spot, but not sure how well he will fare.

Alex in NYC

Shit, is Rocket Scientist now firmly gone? I haven't walked down St. Marks in a few weeks. Ugh.

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