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April 15, 2012



This is absolutely heartbreaking. I'd like to make some sort of intelligent comment but it hurts so much I don't know what to say. My friend Jonny introduced me to the place back in '99 and I loved it. Lived in the W. Village but it was always my first stop in the east. It was also the meet up spot for our "crew", the cool cats. Great people, great bartenders, great stage, great jukebox and that lovely photo booth. I'm glad I kept the many photos I took in that booth. One strip that hangs on my fridge today is me and, at the time, my future wife making out like horny teenagers. So sad to see you LL.

matt in london

These stories always sadden me even if I don't know the places. It's weird how you can feel a kind of vicarious nostalgia for things you haven't experienced.

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