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April 22, 2012



What about Downtown Beirut ?

Alex in NYC

Mentioned in last graf, and mentioned here previously. But yes -- a classic.

GG Allin

Terminal Bar?


Aztec Lounge and Downtown Beirut were my favorites.I think all this makes me so sad in direct correlation with how much I loved it all.Man,it was beautiful.My idea of beautiful.


This post is awesome, but makes me so sad! Like others, I totally miss Alcatraz, Lismar & Downtown Beirut, but also Chameleon which was on 6th near A, Mission Bar which turned into Ace on 5th St., Psycho Mungo's (now The Library). Hardly anyone carded back then. Good times.


I miss Coney Island High, now a mini condo.


I know that you've posted about Coney Island High and it isn't really a dive bar and more of a music venue, but I still miss it,nonetheless. Same goes for the old Continental.

Alex in NYC

Technically, I consider those joints music venues, but y'know... we're splitting hairs.


Agree that the joints that I mentioned are music venues. But the old Continental can be considered a dive bar at least according to this.

Then again, what do I know? Didn't really get into the dive bar scene (was more into the clubs and live music scene) 'til late and when most of them have already closed.

x men dvd

I like all those classic objects like Coney Island High


The original Village Idiot on 1st ave Next to Downtown Beirut, Aztec Lounge, and the ORIGINAL International Bar on St. Marks btwn 1st and A.


The Holiday on 8th street.

Betsy Kelly

Spent 6 years at Alcatraz on A, what a trip.. especially the night I had my bouncers pull up the metal gates after the Tompkins Square Riot in 88..all of the horses on cops were facing our window on Ave. A with smoke, garbage & bodies all around them.
I miss all or should I say most of my wild & crazy customers..great time to be in the east village.

Betsy the Bartender


Alcatraz was the SHIT! And so was Betsy the Bartender. Hope all is well!


I just walked past the Scrap Bar, to show my son where I worked & where after his birth he spent many a night. I know, baby in a bar, but mom was sober, so there it is. We walked all around my old neighborhood & sadly everything but Trash & the St Mark's Hotel was gone. The Aztec, King's Tut's, Alcatraz, Downtown Beirut & even Sounds (not a bar, but just as relevant). I bet Robots is also gone, though I did not go looking for it. All so sad. Not even a eatery I used to frequent was in sight. No, Pizazz, no Kiev and I never thought Love Saves the Day would be gone. So many memories. At least I still have them.

Eric Stacy

In October of 93,after Faster Pussycat broke up,I moved to the village.Lived at Hotel 17 and worked nights doing sound at the Scrap Bar.Those were some awesome times.I remember Jesse.Thank goodness their was a really cool scene going on back then.There were some great bands around then,,D Generation,The Vibes,Who killed Bambi?,,,myself, I was in a band called the Byrd Dogs with Ricky Byrd from Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.we did all the clubs back then,CBGB's ,The Continental,Mercury Lounge,etc,,,I remember the early times in Manhattan when Faster used to come to town ,used to always hang at either the Lismar Lounge or Scrap bar,,Great times,great memories!!!!

Liam O'Connell

Knew a couple of them. King Tut's was the first bar I visited on arrival in NYC. It's such a shame. With each closure a small part of the city's character is lost forever.

Sean Moley

To Jessy, I'm not sure if we ever met but we both miss the Scrap Bar. What a great time and place. A small place full of regulars but cool enough for in town hard rock stars to hang out. Beautiful in its seedyness



God I miss Scrap Bar...I know it could never be the same, but back in the early 90's it was like being at a great party where you knew everyone (even if you didn't know a soul). Many blurry nights of Hardcore Cider and shots of grape crush.

Luis  soto

I miss getting head from straight guys..good cocaine too

Ray The Bouncer

I'm surprised The Mars Bar didn't get a mention, not even in the comments.

Alex in NYC

Well, I never said it was comprehensive, Ray. These were just my particular favorites.


The DJ behind the cage At Alcatraz had what I wanted to hear is a close second to Betsy "Barbara 99 Feldon" the bartender and why its memorable.

Carol Ann

I celebrated my 21st birthday at the Scrap Bar!! It was a blast! So great to see other ppls memories of it! Rock on!


Yeah..surprised Mars bar wasn't mentioned. Had a first date there! King tuts the first bar i went to when i moved to nyc in 89......Good times, Good times. Btw...remember G.G.? He scared the shit out of me when i worked at sidewalk!!!

David George

The last time I ever visited the Scrap Bar I left with an Irish girl. I cannot hear Billy Bragg without thinking of the SB.


Cellars in Brooklyn. Corner of Dekalb and Vanderbilt. That was a party. Met some lovely ladies in my day


The international that Jackson referenced above

Very early eighties and it was perfect, albeit filled with hoarded crap floor to ceiling and a couple refrigerators filled with rotting meat Mary would fondle and rearrange to the tune "he's got the whole world in his hands" ... the lsd supplied by Choo Choo, the face of "We Deliver" (212-777-CASH) made the place macabre and surreal. I used it as an unofficial headquarters for my descent and rise and descent through the sub counter culture thriving in the east village

Bob Lutz

Alcatraz had the best jukebox in the early 90's, but my favorite bar ever was the Scrap Bar, I Was only 19 when I hung out in NYC w my bro's Fr LI but life was great back then miss those places n many others!


Siberia! That bar was an incredible thing. The in-the-subway bar.

Second only to my fave neighborhood bar, the Bellevue!

And YES there was a secret passageway, which my roomie and I discovered once, while hammered at Bellevue. It was truly surreal. We walked through this never-before-noticed door at the back of the Bellevue (staggered, is more like it) into … another bar?! WTF? And when we asked where we were, we were told: SIBERIA!

What a memory. A hazy one, but still …


What ever happened to Luna from the Aztec


This message is to Betsy Kelly from Alcatraz.I really like to get in touch with her. Im an old friend from back in the day. My Name is Nikki and we were very close. Please contact me at [email protected] I would be so happy to get in contact with her. #old friends#memories❤️


Miss the scrap bar..and billy's topless (-:/ and old johnny..from johnnys bar,,,still open but not quite the same. luv ya Peter G..and all my old peeps there.Good times that will never be quite as good...old siberia...loved alcatraz...wonderfully wasted days and many closing nights..good times!!


heads up to false prophets at continental or pyramid..with stephaan and his monkey head cane,, before he died johnny thunders gave an open bar for all his friends after his show (ritz maybe)at jones street cafe shortly before his unfortunate death. jones street cafe an oyster type bar/resto on a paved side

ronieron about mark bar in i remember why i left NYC

Alfred Pico

Spiral Bar

Elaine Kehew

I Miss Motor City Bar, Cedar Tavern, Downtown Beirut (mentioned above), Radio Mexico, The Pink Pony, and the old Chumleys...


The International on 2nd ave between 6th and 7th?

john lenick

The Village Idiot wasn't on west 14th. It was on First and 10th. Never went into the Scrap Bar, but I toiled across the street at Panchitos Mexican Restaurant for two years, and our sleaze manager would comp drinks to anything in a miniskirt that could stagger across the street from the Scrap...what about Sophie's on...on...6th? Between avenue A and B?
Is the U bar, or 7A, still alive? It's been in every movie or t.v. show set in new york...

Alex in NYC

Hi John -- thanks for writing in. There may indeed have been ANOTHER bar called the Village Idiot on First & 10th, but there was certainly a Village Idiot on West 14th!. See link below.

And when I first composed this post in 2012, Sophie's was still a going concern, as was Vazac's Horseshoe Bar (7B), which I've written about elsewhere here (the one in every movie and tv show).


I just watched an Iron Maiden concert from 1996 and Steve Harris was wearing a shirt from the Scrap Bar. That's what brought me to this article.


I MISS Alcatraz. Some very sweet, wonderful, crazy times there. Always have a place in my heart.

Rachel Brenner

Just to clarify the Village Idiot thing - in the mid-80s, it was on First & 10th. The owner later relocated it to West 14th - not sure when because I left NYC in 1988 - it was still on First when I left.

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