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March 02, 2012


Fat Al

Let's not forget the late great Music Factory on Broadway and 43d, where one could get every volume of the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series, and every 12" single known to man. I miss that place.

rick mcginnis

The first time I ever went to New York, somewhere around 1984, I was wandering midtown when I came across the most peculiar record store I've ever seen. It specialized in classical music, which it displayed on shelves set into dark, wood-paneled walls. It was like a cross between a library and a boutique, and much of what it sold seemed to be private pressing, white label stuff, for a collector's market. The staff were very fussy and unwelcoming, and since I had no intention of buying anything, I left quickly, but the memory of the place has stuck with me ever since. I was amazed that such a place could exist, but in New York, I suppose, nothing really surprised me. It must have disappeared long ago, and some days I wonder if it ever existed.

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