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March 22, 2012


rick mcginnis

I know it wasn't at the Bandshell, but I saw Sun Ra and Sonic Youth share a bill in Central Park, at the dawn of the '90s, I think. (EV Grieve says it was July 4, 1992. So there.) I met two of my guitar heroes, Arto Lindsay and Robert Quine, the same weekend. It was the New Yorkiest of New York trips.

(I met Lindsay backstage at the gig; I met Quine in a guitar store in the Village. When my buddy and I approached him, he was typically wry but apparently flattered: "Hey, you guys know who I am? Nobody knows who the fuck I am!")

Alex in NYC

I was at that show too, and you can see some video of it on this post:

the G

Great post!
The Heat was sort of an off-shoot of the Planets (Tally) & I think the drummer (Jeff) may have been in the Dots.
Saw lotsa good stuff at the bandshell--Konk, Mitch Ryder, Scott Morgan band, Kraut, etc., and my High School's (A & D) field day was there every year--meet up at the fountain!


I was at the show at the bandshell. Got pix of Cheetah, lenny Kaye and more.


I was there may of 79' watch dead boys performed in the park they played on a flat bed semi down 5th Avenue from cbgbs it was
Celebration of the end of the vet nam
War I was 18 years old

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