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January 21, 2012



WOW! I had to tear myself away from this collection to tend to other business, but will have a closer look as soon as I have more time. There is a photo entitled, "Bleecker Street Between Greene and Mercer" that shows that part of Bleecker Street in 1955, before Washington Square Village and The Silver Towers were there. I never knew what that block looked like before the "superblock" took over. Thanks for the tip, Alex. And, as an archivist, I thank you for your respect for the profession and its practices.


Absolutely stunning collection...gonna take a while to get through all that, but what I've made it through so far is just amazing. Link of the week for sure, thanks!


Yay! Thank you! I love browsing through photos of Ye Olde NYC in all its reincarnations.

"That said, compared to the antiseptic, venomously exclusive and gentrified Manhattan of today, it was a veritable hotbed of possibility."

Yes. Exactly.

EV Grieve

I'm calling in sick all next week.

Nicely done, Mr. Smith!


Whoa! Paydirt indeed. Thank you so much for posting this.


Thank you!!


"While that hasn't really stopped me in the past, I feel it would be a sort of churlish and disreputable move on my part to post them here now."

As long as you are making it clear (and citing) that the photos come from the NYU Archives, you should feel free to post them, that's why they put them up in the first place!

Alex in NYC

Indeed, JB. I've since reached out to them, and they gave the all clear (see post that follows this one), but I have been asked in the past to remove stuff that I'd picked up (and cited). I just wanted to be careful in this instance.


Gotcha, saw your latest post right after my comment.

Happy photo hunting!


This is too good!

Don't know who said it, but I quote it frequently,
"The thing about a city is it's never done."
And you have unearthed quite the record of it.

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