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January 04, 2012



Even though I didn't grow up in NYC this still took me back - we were aparently all so luck to have such fashion consious parents in the 70's no matter where we grew up. Clip of the week for sure...great footage, thanks!


This is great stuff, I could watch this for hours.

Joe Bonomo

Great, thanks for posting. I just finished Jonathon Lethem's Fortress of Solitude; this video of kids being kids is fine accompaniment. Duly shared on fb.


I didn't actually see myself, but as a Manhattan kid of the Seventies I feel like I could have. And I'm nearly convinced the classroom footage starting at :50 is from my old grade school and those kids could have been classmates of mine. Thanks for posting this!


I love the bit where the kids spray cars with the water from the fire hydrant...then later playing with the fire hoses. Thanks for sharing this.

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