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November 16, 2011



Great stuff - love the "Take The Ritz" video - they seem like a fun bunch of demented smart asses...

James Taylor

That first photo is great: any idea where it was taken?

Alex in NYC

Funny you should ask, James. I've been trying to place it. I want to say either Bleecker just west of 6th Avenue, or possibly over on 2nd Avenue. I'm leaning toward the former, tho'.

James Taylor

My first instinct was Bleecker Street too (likely due to the old-school espresso bar). If it was still around in 1980 there must be some mention of a Caffe San Marco...

Eric Hansen

Thanks for this footnote of the past. I was a regular club-goer in those days (saw The Police at CBGBs), but don't recall ever seeing or hearing The Metromen. If the Wikipedia piece is accurate, it may be in large part because they played at clubs I rarely patronized: Great Gildersleeves, SNAFU, and Trax were not really noted for punk music at the time. They sound like a band made for Trax, which was (for reasons unknown to me) a music industry hangout on the Upper West Side. It seems telling that the individual band members later got jobs in commercial music.

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