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October 20, 2011



"As much as they've become a crippling embarrassment to the species today, Kiss will always be counted as one of my favorite bands. Yes, even after myriad betrayals and crass sell-outs and reality television shows and face-lifts, I still cannot deny them my fandom."

My sentiments exactly. I really don't care much for what they're doing currently (Sonic Boom? MOre like "Sonic Pile of Crap!) (or for the past 10 years for that matter) other than when they release one of those ultra-cool "Kissology" DVD packages. Another one (Vol. 4) on it's way soon I guess. They've embarrased me so many times...but still I claim my place in the Kiss Army, maybe not as loudly or proudly as I once did...but they were my FIRST band as well and after 30+years of fandom - it's in my blood whether I like it or not...and believe me...some days I really don't!

At least there is the Ace Frehley book "No Regrets" on November 1st to look forward to. Should be a fun read.

Alex in NYC

I already have my copy of it (ahh, the benefits of working for the media). :)

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