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August 19, 2011



Greenwhich st?


New clues! If the pole on the far left is a traffic signal then they're standing facing a corner. Too bad there's so much glare on the storefront or else we'd be able to read the sign on the hardware store.

The air conditioners in the window indicate apts above the stores and it looks like it's only a two-story building (?). If this is anywhere near mid-town then a mere two-story building is likely a goner be now. The building behind it could be gone too.

I'm a sucker for this kind of trivial challenge and I've already spent a couple hours on google maps street view trying to find it. I give up (I don't really)...but I'd love to know just to know.

Oh, and if it is a corner and if it is a street (as opposed to an avenue) then that address is probaly a 405 (looking west) rather than a 406 (looking east) based on the fact that 405/406 is near the corner on the west side of 9th avenue in the teen-streets through the fifties-streets.

...or I'm just overthinking the whole thing.


ugh. I take some of that back. Traffic signal/light poles are not in the right position on westside street corners.

Could be a mid-block light pole or it's an avenue and not a street, maybe.

Robert Stogner

I think I have it...if you look on google maps at 410 Columbus Ave. it first shows you a supercuts, but if you slide over to the left a little you will see the real entrance to 410 Columbus Ave. The staggered stone work matches the stones they were standing almost directly in front of. 406 and 408 Columbus Ave. are now combined to simply 408 which is Halstead Properties. That building was first inhabited in 1934 (with a little research), but the first two stories look to have been refaced at some point (look up a bit and you will see what I am talking about). Also, the building across 79th street at the corner matches the building in the picture. I think this is it.


Robert, I think you nailed it. The light pole, fire hydrant and tree are all in the right places, though the light pole is a new vintage style replacement. That's the Museum of Natural History across the street.

The building with the "406" was more than resurfaced. It looks like it was demolished and replaced. ( images seem to confirm it)

See this shot for the two-story building that it was (there's a zoom tool to help). It matches the photo.

Robert Stogner

Okay, that makes sense. I thought the building looked new. I guess the records I found relating to 1934 was for the original building.

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