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August 17, 2011


Dave on 7th

I can tell you that if that is a street it is east bound, because even numbers are on the south side of streets and the sun hitting the buildings on the opposite would confirm that.

Dave on 7th

Also, the street or avenue behind them doesn't feel like it continues on the opposite side.


Are we sure that's not 405?

James Taylor

Something about the way the road slopes suggests it IS a two way street, possibly separated by trees. Is that oncoming traffic in the distance? I'm going to ignore the 406 and suggest they're on Broadway uptown (that sidewalk is quite wide).

According to the internet (not always the most reliable source, I'll admit), the photo was taken on April 17, the night the Cure played at Hurrah's on 62nd and Broadway. This would back up the claim by another blogger who believes the band are walking down Broadway towards Columbus Circle.

So much development has happened in that area over the last thirty years that it's hard to pinpoint the spot without taking a walk over there.


That awning behind them with the vertical stripes. I think the first word is either "Fabric" or "public".


here is a clearer photo - and another two photos from that session...

Darrell Gilbert

Yes just yes the south side of streets and the sun hitting the buildings on the opposite side. Thanks for this great allocation.

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