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August 03, 2011


Fat Al

Wow. My second job ever was at that Disc-O-Mat (you may recall the other location in Grand Central). I think I was 14 at the time, so that would make it '83. I worked there at least until '86. Lots of memories, including taping up the huge glass windows on the second floor when Hurricane Gloria was rolling in (as I recall, it ended up being sunny all day). That is where I witnessed the advent of CDs, and spent hours on end explaining to Japanese tourists why you couldn't get the Beatles on CD at any price.

I still have hundreds of records from those years, and I loved the cast off comp tickets from the record companies that nobody else wanted. I swear to got I went to see Otis Day & The Knights at the Ritz, just because I could (Nils Lofgren during the 'Flip' tour also leaps to mind. I never got the good tickets, and had to spend my not so hard earned minimum wage for the Fishbone and Toasters tickets I really wanted.

(I also for a time "managed" the videotape section. You wouldn't believe the number of Jane Fonda videos a place could sell. Luckily we also carried Caligula.)

Man, thanks for the memory.



James Taylor

Although I wasn't living in New York in 1980, I do own a used copy of Elvis Costello's "Get Happy!!" that still has a Disc-O-Mat receipt tucked inside the shrink-wrapped sleeve. It was purchased for $4.99 (plus tax) on March 5th of that year at Disc-O-Mat at 581 Fifth Avenue (between 47th and 48th Streets). Do you know if this was another outpost of the same store, or did it move?

GG Allin

Dan Weeks' blogs are dead.

Alex in NYC

I know. It's a tremendous bummer.


Worked at the one in Riveredge, NJ, the flagship store that was actually shapped like a record for 2 years in the 80's. Still friends with several of my former co-workers and we still get together every once in a while for mini reunions. Those were the days

John Edwards

Worked at home store for 15yrs. 'JACKIE Edwards.

Pat Kane

Thanks for your post and to the Riveredge discOmat crew THANKS A-MILLION for the music education you gave me !!

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