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July 19, 2011


GG Allin

The Original Wrapper?! NOO!! Possibly the uncoolest video of all, with Lou in his clean and sober early 80s "I'm A Nice Guy" mode. Lou, who was always ahead of the trends (or simply on an island of his own) is attempting to FOLLOW the trends here with this new thing called "rapping!" This is the only Lou LP I refuse to keep in my collection.

Shame on you!!! lol


kudos on the CSC referral as they were a pique of culture to come, however on the case of lou reed, it certainly seems a bit of a puzzle until someone sounds out... which obviously you have very well... thanks.


This was the first Lou Reed I saw, and I thought it was just some random bit of fandom... but, as you point out, clearly not.[email protected]/5874885206/

But my favorite vaguely rocker-related bit of grafitto is this, on Hudson Street:[email protected]/5756676680/

Alex in NYC

Hey Scott -- yeah, I've seen that, although it always bugs me, as it's Rod STEWART, not Stuart.


The answer I think lies in my recent post Magic and Loss. It seems in 2009 that Supreme t-shirts did a neighborhood posterbombing of Lou Reed wearing their shirt. Street Artists like Faile set about "vandalizing the posters. I researched their side of the story to find out why. According to a post at NFS they got incensed that 'Their Turf" was being covered up and retaliated. this looks like fallout,a mock posting of Lou done by artists as they would have preferred it to be done the first time.

Alex in NYC

Cheers, Ulfdub -- awesome blog, by the way!

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