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June 29, 2011




John D.

not sure if you actually know how consistently ahead of the curve Buck Owens was within the music industry but to call him a "redneck" is kind of like calling John Cage a "hick." Some irony though in how guys from New York can be goaded into talking like country bumpkins if you just grind out three verses for 'em - WHO ASKED YOU TO MOVE HERE? LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! etc. - taking a song like this or "Okie from Muskogee" at face value is publicly admitting that you didn't get it.

Alex in NYC

Are you suggesting, John, that Buck Owens isn't sincere in his condemnation? I think you're giving Owens and his "Hee Haw" ilk a bit more credit than they deserve. I don't think there's a joke here to "get." But, y'know, that's just my interpretation.

Tim B.

I could give a crap either way but I love that album artwork.

John D.

Yeah Alex - it's kind of a known thing that Buck Owens was a very smart dude; like Merle Haggard (who came out of the same Bakersfield scene) he took a lot of delight in how easy it is to get a rise out of people. (It's not a coincidence that a lot of the snottiest Cali punks had heavy country leanings - John Doe, Lee Ving, et al.) His entire audience is also in on the joke, knowing that he'd played Carnegie Hall in 1966 to rave reviews.

Alex in NYC

Hmmm. Alright, I'll stand down on this one. I was assuming Buck Owens was merely the proto-Lee Greenwood.

I guess the gorgeous sleeve should have been a giveaway on this point.

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