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June 08, 2011


Ian W. Hill

"Regular reader James Taylor thinks it's the NW corner of Broadway and West 46th Street, crediting the tip-off to the Howard Johnson's in the background. James helpfully cited this website to support the theory (and I found one of my own), but I still remain somewhat skeptical. What say you?"

I knew it wasn't the HoJo at the NW corner of Bway/46th instantly, but the site James Taylor cites DOES give the correct location -- it's not the Hojo at 1551 Bway, but the one practically across the street at 1546 Bway! The photo of the closed down HoJo from 1987 clearly shows the "EastWest" store next to it that can also be seen in the X-Ray Spex pic. Aha! Always wondered about that location myself.


I think the Cure photo is at 406 Broadway. The width of the street and that it is one way was what brought me to Broadway. It looks very different now, but compare it to google map street view, and I think there is a chance that's it.


Nope I looked again and the traffic is going the wrong way. Never mind. I'm wrong.

Alex in NYC



In Pennie Smith's book of Clash photos titled "The Clash: Before & After", Mick Jones tells where the photo of him with T & V bag is taken. If I recall correctly, it's somewhere in the West 50's & 6th Ave. I have the book at home - I'll check.


I'll take a shot at the Cure photo. Columbus Ave (looking south) between 79th and 80th. On Google street view, 410 Columbus is on that block, and the building to the right of Robert Smith's head appears to be the same. I don't live in NYC, perhaps someone can confirm.

James Taylor

Ian: By "NW" I was referring to the position of the band not the restaurant (although in retrospect they could be on one of those curb thingys in the middle of Times Square). But, yes, the HoJo's at 1546 Broadway is the one I meant — you can tell by the distinctive steel/glass building next door to Fleischmann's.

Until Michael proves me wrong I still think Mick Jones is standing at St. Marks and Third Avenue (he's looking west, we're looking uptown)...


Suze RotOLO - Attention must be paid!

Alex in NYC

Ah, typo -- good catch, Maryann. Thanks. Amending now.

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