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May 25, 2011


Little Johnny Jewel

1. Beasties 6th/50th

2. Kiss, 6th/50th, ie the other side of the road if I'm not mistaken

3. John Cale is it 6th Ave and 54th?

4. U2 5th ave?

5. Bob, Suze and Dave Van Ronk? I know that building, isn't it on Bleecker, out far west?

6. X-Ray Spex 6th Ave and 14th?

7. Monty Python. Crosby St?

8. The Who - NY Public Library?

9. The Cure - Looks like 6th Ave around 3rd St (am I spotting a pattern or am I just completely off)

10. No Idea

11. Lydia Lunch, so it must be LES somewhere

12. Mick Jones, also looks like 6th Ave in the Village

Little Johnny Jewel

Oops I mis-counted. Insert

11. Firewater

and move the rest down one.


MOTHERHEAD BUG, not Firewater...


Oh, I'm looking at the wrong number! Motherhead Bug is 10. And to think they used to fit all those people, with two drum kits, trombones, and cellos all onto that little stage at CBs...


7. Monty Python at City Center, W 55th Street betw. 6th & 7th Aves

Little Johnny Jewel

>7. Monty Python at City Center

That's it! They recorded a live album there.

James Taylor

2. Kiss are on Sixth by those terrific fountains between 54th and 55th.

3. That's the Hilton behind John Cale, but I think he's sitting on the SE corner of Sixth & 53rd.

4. U2 are walking up Fifth at 59th.

5. I've seen that Bob and Suze pic before. It looks like that complicated area somewhere near Bedford/Grove/Hudson?

6. NW corner of Broadway & 46th. I was tipped off by the Howard Johnson's in the background that was at 1546 Broadway. It closed in the late-80s.

13. Mick Jones appears to have just made a purchase at Trash & Vaudeville: that wide avenue suggests 3rd/Astor Place.


#2 - Pretty sure the Kiss photo was shot by Waring Abbott.


you should also post this at the new york nobody sings...


So is Kramer a member of the band in #11?

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