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May 06, 2011



I have no answers since the albums and places are a little beyond me, but just want to congratulate you on this post. Terrific stuff.


Great post! That's a UK 'no entry' sign on the Dictators photo so good guess. Probably London, maybe Carnaby or Soho.


the sign in the dictators picture is a 'no entry' sign in the u.k. so could be london.

had a coffee in that think coffee on the bowery last november... am told that the lizzies in the warriors had their hangout somewhere over that side of the road..


Great job on this!

the G

My 2 or 3 cents...

re: W.30th & 8th Ave./Blondie--at 251 W.30th (I think that's the address), between 7th & 8th, is a building with lots of music studios in it (at least there used to be). That could possibly be why they were on that block. Who knows? It's just east of 8th Ave.
I'm gonna take a guess and say that the Kid Creole photo may have been taken in front of that address (kinda looks like it), with the camera pointing east down W.30th.
Just guessing!

Little Johnny Jewel

A couple of comments...

Firstly: this was an excellent post, and it's nice to know it's not just me that thinks this way. This visiting of NYC locations of notable downtown music related photographs is exactly the kind of insanity that I am prone to.

Secondly: I am originally from London and that Dictators picture is driving me mad.
I feel like I know where that location is, but I can't put my finger on it. I'm sure it's up the north end of Soho, up around Broadwick St, or Great Marlborough St. I really hope somebody comes though with an answer and puts me out of my misery.


I don't think that's SMP & Ave A - Suprette - the fire hydrants and street lamps don't really change. There was a Superette on 7 st & 2nd Ave (Virage) 6 & 2nd (Van Dag) and of course 9th St & 2nd (24 hr. Grocery). I am getting a very 7th & 1st Ave vibe (Fruit Market - but unless it changed considerably c. 1980 - it didn't look like that) also 1st Ave & 9th St. If Godlis took it w/other pics near SMP - it prob. a 3-4 block radius. I say find the street lamp & fire hydrant and you've got a good start.

I also note it is a a corner with a drainage problem - and if memory serves 7th and 2nd ave was always very bad. I will blow up the pic to see if the CITY sign in the background will jog my memory.


The Television shot is definitely St. Marks & A; look at the placement and number of windows on the side of the building, and compare it to the color image. The corner building on Ludlow & Rivington doesn't have the same window layout, and then down the block there's a building with a fancy old entrance, but there's nothing comparable in the b/w shot. Anyway, I remember that Superette on 8th and A, actually shopped there several times.

James Taylor

I'm going to disagree with Lisa. The placement of the windows is similar but the facade and cornices don't match. Besides a lick of paint every few years these things usually don't change much. Nor do the positions of lampposts and hydrants.

I don't know if this helps, but this shot shows the corner of St. Marks and Ave A in 1984, with the corner entrance cut away and a different (yet not exactly new-looking) "SUPERETTE" sign.

I think someone should go around to those corners suggested in a previous post... we'll get it eventually!

James Taylor

The Beastie Boys are on the corner of Broadway and 26th Street. I spotted the Flatiron building jutting out in the background. I'll take an size S please...


Hi. It's definitely NOT the SMP & A - the little medallion above the the superette sign seems to say Stuyvesant? I've blown up the photo - the street is a different width than SMP - count the concrete squares (also different width than Ludlow). Also, besides the fire hydrant & light post, I would note the parking meters - they really don't change w/time much.

I cannot tell you how common these superettes were. It's not like now - when it's way to expensive to run a little store like this. They were all over the place. Additionally, since for some reason I remember the Talking Heads living on the Bowery around this time - it could be the near the Bowery. There were alot of little superettes there too. Did someone ask Godlis? What'd he say?

Also re: Kid Creole I am thinking somewhere around the original Danceteria - 45th & 6 was it?


O it was Television. Sorry. See this is what happens when you live in the EV for 35 years and do the drugs concomitant with that stay.

Al O

"The G" was correct above, the Kid Creole shot is definitely taken in front of 251 W. 30th between 7th and 8th, looking southeast. I used to work on that block and pretty much recognized it immediately. The building still contains recording studios and rehearsal rooms and is called the New York Recording and Rehearsal Arts Building.

I'm pretty sure that's also why that Blondie shot was taken nearby, although they actually recorded their first couple of albums at Plaza Sound in Rockefeller Center.

I also think that James above has the correct location for the Beastie Boys shot. The building on the southwest corner of Broadway & 26th is a dead match. My cousin worked for Def Jam in the mid-80s and their offices were in the Flatiron Building then, so the location makes sense.

GG Allin

The Dolls (and post-Dolls) shots are definitely the same corner. Roberta shot the latter-day photo you mentioned for an article in (I think) Cream magazine? By that time DJ and Syl were doing their thing, the Heartbreakers were rolling, and Arthur was doing whatever it was he was doing.


Those phone booths were around the corner from gem spa where the hat/sunglasses purveyors are on smp. Also, godlis says it was television on smp & a.


sorry. he said 1st ave 9 or 10. that makes more sense.

Laura Levine

Can you please update the DNA photo and the accompanying text to include my photo credit? I took that photo © Laura Levine. I also photographed the Violent Femmes at the same corner. I lived down the street on James and St. James. BTW, wouldn't it be easy to find out the photographer by plopping the image into the Google images search bar?

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