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April 30, 2011


mark coleman

1. NY Dolls - St Marks Place
2. Blondie - 6th ave & 30th st
3. no wavers inc James Chance & Lydia Lunch - Bowery near CBGB
4. DNA - Kenmare St? LES for sure
5. Travis Bickle, "Iris" +1 - E.13th?
6. Kid Creole & Co - midtown west?
7. Television - east village?
8. NY Dolls - St Marx & 2nd Ave
9. Kiss - 6th ave west 30s or so
10. Sonic Youth - Soho, like Mercer or Greene?


This post was too much for me. I had to leave a comment.
Your blog rocks!!! Love it.
Cheers from Argentina :)

James Taylor

The Taxi Driver shot is indeed on the corner of 13th and Third. The partially hidden sign which reads "FURNITURE" belongs to Gothic Cabinet Craft which is still in business. I bought a bed there once. Scouting NY did a great before-and-after series on this movie a couple of years ago.

Alex in NYC

Regarding Mark's votes...

1. Yep
2. Yep, and nope. Wrong avenue.
3. Yep
4. Yes, but wrong address
5. Yep
6. Yep and ..... address yet to be determined (it turned out not to be 21st and B'way, which is what I'd initially guessed).
7. Yep, but I want to pinpoint the corner
8. Yep
9. Yep, but, again, wrong avenue.
10. Yep, but wrong address.

Answers (and updated pictures) coming soon. :)


Sheesh Mark.....can't'ya be a little quicker....took just over an hour.....let's tighten this up man!D

Mark Coleman

bonus pics are stumpers:

11. The Dictators - never seen a street sign
like that in NYC, totally throwing me off.
12. Beastie Boys - guessing Bway near NYU?

#4 and #10 - so familiar. I know the spot but can't name the street

James Taylor

Number 11 looks like London.


Last Bonus Addition #12: Beastie Boys...Beastie Boy photographer has to be Glen E. Friedman. Also a young Rick Rubin in there when he was their DJ.

Alex in NYC

Believe it or not, it's not Glenn's, it's Josh Creuse. But yeah, that's Rick Rubin (aka DJ Double-R)

James Taylor

Got it! Blondie are on Eight Avenue and 30th (Kiss are a few blocks down). That had been bugging me all day...

Alex in NYC

Full, expansive post (complete with updated pics) coming shortly. Still trying to divine the exact locations of a couple of these.

mike clelland

Travis Bickle is on east 13th, just east of 3rd Ave, looking west. This was the block where the final bloodbath took place. And around the corner from the long lost DUGOUT tavern, and it has a small role in the movie.

Jodie FOster was seen on rare occasions in the DUGOUT in the mid-80's.


9. Kiss is standing on the SW corner of 23rd and 8th looking up 8th avenue. The 2 story building that NYSC is in can be seen at the right

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