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March 30, 2011



Well said, Alex. I agree - too much jock culture all around. MN is facing a huge budget deficet like most states - "we're broke" they say - but the same assholes in the legislature/senate and our Governor here are moving ahead with plans - any plans they can scape together, to build yet another stadium here - this time for the Vikings - owned by a billionaire who could affor to build his own damn stadium. Drives me up the f'n wall!


I fail to understand why "5th Gen." is getting so badly slammed. I did not find his comment on EV Grieve "defensive," and while it was a bit long-winded, it was more thought-out than simply a "rant."

The Major League Baseball installation is better than having a massive storefront stay vacant. Who knows, it might even be fun to nose around in. It also might be an awful tourist trap. I'll stop in and see before passing judgment.

(And for heaven's sake, it's not even in the East Village.)

As for the nay-sayers in general, I offer what is, admittedly, a familiar argument: The East Village did not begin its existence when John Sex first appeared at Club 57 or when the Fun Gallery opened. As deeply nostalgic as I can be about a particular time and place, I must concede that there was a creative scene in the neighborhood before then, and that to a certain point those who were soon to be heralded were interlopers.

It may now take some doing to ensure that creativity and free thinking do not forever yield to encroachment motivated solely by financial gain, but automatically to dismiss anything that smacks of heartland America -- such as baseball -- is to overreact. To that end, 5th Gen.'s comparison of "thoughtful opposition to pernicious neighborhood developments" and the "hip-shot opposition" of some of the most vocal keepers of the flame is quite apt.

It seems that whatever offense 5th Gen. takes is one I, too have felt. It's foolish to shun someone because of the way he or she dresses. Some of those guys in cargo shorts and flip-flops must be OK fellows, and if I happen to wear a jacket and tie, please don't assume I am someone evil who does not belong in the neighborhood.

There may be no real schism here if we just drop the animosity.

Marty Wombacher

That guy's comment was so passive aggressive, his remarks about tattoos, black leather jackets and the Ramones speak volumes.

Baby Dave: Look at what you just wrote, you presented your point of view in a clear manner that's to the point. You didn't have to include what you do, what books you read, what and where you have breakfast, where you drink and on and on and on. I agree that you shouldn't judge someone by how they dress or what they do for a living, but just make your point and move on.

And I agree with Alex, give me record stores over sport stores any day of the week. But that's just my opinion.

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