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February 17, 2011


ken mac

Hey, there's an Equinox on Greenwich for all the beautiful people. And a Starbucks. What more do you need...

Alex in NYC

Sadly, that Equinox took the place of the late lamented Art Greenwich theatre (


@ken mac..

You my Gentrifying friend are a heartless fuck, get outta the city.

David McDonough

That's a touching story about Tea and Sympathy.
You're right: Everyone who can should get over to Greenwich Avenue and spend some money. I'll start with a meal at Chez Brigitte and follow with a cocktail at the Dew Drop Inn.
[email protected] -- I suspect ken mac was joshing.


The women at Tea & Sympathy are terrific. Whenever I go they’re always kind and unpretentious. I love that place, and not just because of their scones and clotted cream!

My husband and I experienced newbie parent jaundice stress with our own daughter so I know exactly what that felt like! Your Nicki story is a great one. Loved the Art Greenwich and hate to hear that the local businesses there are vulnerable too. Will do my best to get the word out.


I agree completely with your incredulity. I had a life saving operation at St. Vincent's in 1974 and my daughter was born there in 2009. The idea that the hospital would actually close seemed completely ludicrous until it happened. It still makes me sad that it is gone because it played such a prominent role in my life. Twice.


That's a lovely story, Alex - Nicky is definitely a kind soul and Tea & Sympathy, along with Elephant and Castle, are two of my favorite NYC institutions as well. I lived on Jones Street for a year, walking distance to St. Vincent's, and was truly sad to see it go.
Heaven protect us all from the real estate termites of this city.

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