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January 18, 2011


mykola (mick) dementiuk

Isn't that the newsstand on St Marks Pl and 2nd Ave? I remember that the Orpheum was the movie house a long time ago. Saw a movie in that theater. I don't know what it's called now. Had Stomp there at one time, I remember.


Yes, I'm ashamed of you, Alex! That's Gem Spa, corner of St Marks and 2nd, looking SE.

Alex in NYC

Boom -- you guys are right.

James Taylor

This is what New York looks like in my head -- imagine my shock each time I leave the apartment. The Orpheum was the immediate giveaway here, but I'm still stumped by that Andy-Edie manhole shot from a few posts ago. I even spent an entire afternoon last week on Google street view without reaching any solid conclusions...


Like you, I had a shock of recognition and happiness when I saw that photo. I concur with James Taylor above--it's how I think NY looks, and every day is a disappointment to find out that it isn't. But I do revel in the small areas that are still with us - cornices, little sculptures, old style graffiti, hidden all over.

My husband, from Wisconsin, moved here in 1981 and his memories of NY from that time are of the city having a post WWII feel, like not much had changed since 1949.

I don't think of New York today being a holdover from the 80's, which is that same 30 year spread of time. Time marched forward very quickly in these intervening years.

Alex in NYC

Very nicely put, Jill. Cheers.


How great to see the Orpheum pre-Stomp! Does anyone know about the sliver of the sign to the left of the theater? That should be the Stage Restaurant, right? But, the sign seems to say something else.

Gem Spa has been looking pretty sanitized lately. The boxing game and hat stands that were on this corner are all gone.

Alex in NYC

Looks a bit like it says "Pizza."

Here's a trivia question: What did that theatre host PRIOR to "Stomp"? Anyone? Anyone?


Little Shop of Horrors! I remember going to see it with my family from Michigan down in the terra icognita of the big, bad "Lower East Side" back around 1982.


"Your Own Thing", a musical version of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night" played there for years, starting in 1968.

"The Me Nobody Knows" was there in the 70's and of course, "Little Shop of Horrors" played there forever.

Alex in NYC

Ah, you guys are way ahead of me. Yeah, I saw "Little Shop..." there back with my Mom in the 80s.


Oh, incidentally, I believe the Andy Warhol manhole shot is on the stub end of E. 58th St., just east of Sutton Place. The big tipoff is the 2 way parking facing into a one-way eastbound street, and the lack of stores on the intersecting avenue. It looked familiar to me immediately, probably because I lived in the less fashionable part of that neighborhood (just north of the bridge) when I first moved to the city back in the mid-80s and I used to go down by there and pretend I was in 'Annie Hall'

Alex in NYC

Ooooh!!! Will check that out. Thanks, Al - been obsessing about that of late.

Dino Fromdabronx

I remember when i was a kid and worked in my father's store on St.Marks & 1st ave , for lunch I'd go to the " 2nd Ave Griddle "
which was on the nw corner of 2nd and St. Marks .

mykola (mick) dementiuk

Memories of 6th-7th St and 2nd Ave: In the early 60s Loew's Commodore was slightly off on 6th St and 2nd Ave. Saw the Tom Thumb kiddie movie there when I was a kid. Ratner's Restaurant was next door, followed by a bank (Dry Dock?) with Ratner's Bakery Store after that. Mindy's Soda Shop was on the corner of 7th St with a donut/coffee on the other corner. Walking uptown would be a Chinese Restaurant, then a man's clothing store and near St Marks Place a Jewish Restaurant much like 2nd Ave Deli with Gem Spa on the corner. Heading back downtown the Orpheum theater was across the avenue with a pizza shop next door, it was always crowded with tough-looking teenagers from the area playing at being tough. A pawn shop stood after that with a Ukrainian soccer club up on the 2nd floor. That's all I can remember of 2nd Ave.

chris flash


The Orpheum sign appears to be a carpenter advertising his services. This tells me that this shot is from the late 60s-early-70s, when I'm told the Orpheum was abandoned or inactive. My friend told me that a group of folks bought it despite criticism and naysayers and made a go of the place.

The rest is history....

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