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January 23, 2011


James Taylor

Don't feel bad for being a slow reader. I just finished the Marcello Mastroianni biography last week (I started it in August). And I don't even have kids...

Mick Jagger? Lowest form of human life? That's a title I'd reserve only for Mr. James Blunt.


If you don't like the "Rocks Off" video and song you probably have rocks in your fucking head...killer stuff.

And slow reading? I'm hammering through "Power Broker - Robert Moses and the Fall of NY". 1,200 pages. Started in September...just passed the 400 page mark. Not easy meaterial to digest but essential reading for NYC history buffs...


Great shots of the old Bowery, however fleeting. The filming was by Robert Frank (he did the Cocksuckers Blues documentary), who lived/kept a studio at Bowery and Bleecker, so this was basically the Stones in his back yard.


bah! haven't finished reading the Richards' book myself (only up to ch. 3, even, for i be teh LAZY!).

and fwiw, Jagger was my teen-aged self's role model. your mom would've loved me. ;*)

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