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January 22, 2011



Gnat was no joke. And a good friend in the 80's.

She worked for some newspapers in Seattle then LA I think then was back in NYC working on a novel possibly? No doubt a good, interesting, writer.

Also the 1st woman to have a book put out on 2.13.61

I too have wondered how she was doing and where she is these days.

Let me know if you hear from her.


Natalie was f'n awesome. Last I heard she had moved to Seattle, but that was ages and ages ago. I still miss her...

Natalie Jacobson Shearing

Hey people It's Natalie, a friend just sent me this link. I'm back on the east coast and I'm working on a new book, a graphic novel called Outlaw Efforts. I miss the bad old days in NYC when we ran the streets. I hardly recognize the LES now. So many great memories, I am glad there are photos documenting that time. - Gnat

Edgar diaz

Hey Natalie Please please please wherever u are we want to hear from u We def need to catch up. I have so many questions for u and would love to make them
Public. U have a million fans dying to know about what u are up to these days Please contact me at 917-698-6587 or my email [email protected] Ur books are awesome and we would love more and to hear from u

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