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January 22, 2011



No the lenses are not interchangeable. I know what you mean about lacking inspirational shots, I've recently experienced the same thing, in addition to my lack of inspiration of new blog postings. However I recommend that you look at b&h photo event space for interesting and free talks that have renewed my ideas about what to look for and recalibrate my vision. Michael melford is coming up in feb and his last talk there helped me rethink light. After his talk I was able to find photos where there were none before. I also took the time to experiment with a tripod which was a lot of fun.



Nice black and white's. Digital is great in so many ways - and I think I do remember reading somewhere that Canon lenses could be made compatible with an adaptor (would B+H know?), but something about film - the texture, the contrast, the warmth - digital isn't quite there yet.

And no, New York doesn't look like New York anymore. I'm reminded of how bland it's become when I see old photos or footage . . . even from a few years ago. Manhattan especially has lost it's veneer - sometimes when I"m there, I don't even know where I am . .



i don't know which camera can and can not, but there are a lot of adaptors out there, just hit up B&H, i think you'll find what you need, just may not have the exact same functioning.


I think the problem isn't only with the size of the mount, but also the auto-focus mechanism, especially between brands. I had a mechanic once tell me, when I wanted to replace an engine in a Honda with one from a Toyota, that it would be like putting the heart of a monkey into a human.

I had a Nikon film camera and then a Nikon digital but my old lenses did not work properly even though they physically fit onto the new mount. B&H has great phone sales and could tell you over the phone everything you want to know about this topic.


the great thing about film for me is shoot through the viewfinder then wait for the images (prints), this forces me to revisit each image again and appreciate what was captured, things seem to get distilled through time so there is no immediate deleting.

James Taylor

I've been considering purchasing the Canon "Rebel" T1i... Would you recommend it?

Alex in NYC

It's nice, but my experience with it thus far is pretty limited. Still finding my way. But, y'know, so far so good.

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