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December 10, 2010


andrerw riskin

that fuckin sucks , i met my fist rosk star in the original butterflys location his name was RICK JAMES . yes on a saturday night with my parents in tow i took them in and there he was , as of that day i knew i wanted to be living in the village , i thought it was so bad ass as a kid
andy r


My feelings about “Butterfly’s” is the same as “Love Saves the Day”: In the NYC history of what those stores were, they were far from the best. But they were the last of their kind.

It’s almost quaint to think about stores that only sell “rock” shirts. I remember buying shirts from “Postermat” back in the day. Don’t have any of them anymore, but still have a nice (yet modest) collection of 1” buttons I bought from them.

What is truly more disturbing is how utterly dead that strip is. Said it dozens of times before, but it’s such a black hole of retail compared to what it once was, it’s a ghost town.

Also, those stores on 8th Street had a decent variety of stuff. What I remember most about “Postermat” is how they would have an incredible selection of “practial jokes” from places like Adams Novelty Company mixed in with t-shirts, bongs and other stuff.

Man this is going to be the funniest “old guy” thing I have said in a while, but back in the day those stores sold more than just bongs and pothead gear. They catered to a whole alternative culture.

Bleagh. It inspires me to photograph those buttons. Gotta keep that stuff alive somehow!

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