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November 18, 2010


Steve H

Once when I was interviewing Henry Rollins, he told me that he'd been asking security at the venues the Rollins Band played which shows had the most violent audiences, and the most common answer by far was Slayer.


I'm thinking the name "the ritz" was around as early as 78 if not earlier, you know for us old timers the difference of a year or two is an eternity - and you forgot to mention, after the Ritz it was called "the Rock Hotel" for a number of years... I think even in 86, maybe it was "The Rock Hotel at The Ritz"?


and oh yeah, a great show there circa '86, '87 was Motorhead with the Cro-mags opening (only time i ever saw the Cro-mags when they were actually pretty good). Slayer indeed were peaking during this era, i saw them a irving plaza a year before or after with BARK MARKET opening (extremely underrated) First show i remember there was the Stimulators - not even enough of us to line the front of the stage!

Alex in NYC

The Rock Hotel started off on Jane Street and then re-located to The Ritz on certain nights (i.e. they were synonymous).

IT was Motorhead, The Cro-Mags, Wendy O. Williams and S.O.D. (I still have the flyer).

Barkmarket -- Dave Sardy's band -- EXTREMELY underrated!!!

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