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November 09, 2010


James Taylor

It still strikes me as funny that the subject should warrant such an article. To me, owning an alphabetized physical record/CD collection seems totally natural for anyone over the age of 29.


I am trying to ween myself and my husband off cd's. I now own three albums that I bought from iTunes that don't have a physical CD, which I think of as a breakthrough. Well, actually two, one of them I had on tape and the quality was really horrible so I felt the compromise was iTunes.

My next plan is to put all the cd's in storage (the halfway house for garbage) for which I have transfered to iTunes.

Ever watch hoarders?


I'm 39 and I still treasure my CD collection. I am however an iTunes person now, so I just stare at my collection on the wall, neatly stacked and alphabetized. Keep up the good work.


Keeping Cds nice and preserved is a important task. They are beautiful relics of a better time, with better people, and better music. :)

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