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September 10, 2010



Hi Alex,

There was a site that had a great tribute to the attacks, but I can't remember the url address now and possibly it doesn't exist anymore. It featured mostly black and white shots of the towers, and clips of the attack. No commentary. Very moving indeed, and captured the solemnity of the occasion . . .

I was out of New York at the time, and didn't make it down until a couple months later. People were already taking pictures of each other in front of the ruins. Incredible. But beneath the shock and trauma in New York was a renewed sense of togetherness that lasted for awhile. It was the best side of the city and I felt grateful to be here.



i kick myself a bit for not documenting the memorials people put up at union square stating that night of 9/11, but i just thought it was fucking CREEPY to shoot photos of people sorrow, i'm just not that type of photographer, but in the weeks and years to follow i realize those memorials up until heavy rains in october started washing them away, were really really HEAVY FUCKING DUTY outpouring from REAL people. the last two shots are really poignant here Alex, thanks or sharing them... i'd like to get a really highest res possible of that second to last one . . . (only two months after i became your next door neighbor)

Alex in NYC

Sure thing, Glenn.

Hamish Grant might be the collection Tim is thinking of.


I have two polaroids I took on 9/11. One of them I can bear looking at:[email protected]/559050519/in/photostream/

John Q

Oh gosh, what a liberal memory hole this site is.

Chuck W

I don't understand why loving peace and progress is 'liberal.' Does this mean being conservative is to hate peace and progress? No one in his right mind prefers war.


"....the folks who seem the most obstreperous about the events of September 11th, 2001 usually tend to live nowhere near New York City."

Not to be too pedantic about it.... But those of who live in and around DC have noticed that 9/11 as it's coming to be seen by the nation does tend to be NYC-centric. I can't belittle what happened in NYC, but I don't personally know anyone who went to funerals there, and I do know people who went to funerals here.


Goddamn that's a lot of litter.

Alex in NYC

Fair enough, Les. Point taken. My intention was not to downplay the impact of the event on those outside of NYC. You're correct, of course.... few seem to even mention the Pentagon (outside of conspiracy theorists who question the merit of the story). My point was that those who tirelessly bandy "9/11" about as if to justify any number of actions/causes/campaigns largely tend to be people who weren't immediately affected by it. I'm not suggesting that one can't empathize, but the events of that day have been positively FETISHIZED by certain quarters.

Sherman Unkefer

What a sad day that still polarizes us when it should unite us - that's what happens when we politicize everything.

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