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September 24, 2010


James Taylor

Indeed. Today, some of those buildings are cherished or sorely missed. I liked the old Columbus Circle. Flipping through that New York magazine is an incredible time-traveling experience: there are only three restaurants in Brooklyn listed, and one of them is Junior's.


At the time, I would have disagreed about the Lipstick Building and the AT & T building, and agreed about the other eight. And I still do today. And while this decade hasn't been as architecturally disastrous as the 60s and 70s, the General Motors building seems to be the template of alot (not all) of the major projects today.

I think the only building in that list to not be around is the World Trade Center. The Twin Towers were a good addition to the skyline, but I worked at the World Trade Center and up close it was a very cold and alienating site. I'm upset about the way they were demolished, but not that they are gone. And I'd be fine if the other buildings on that list were demolished, removing the people and businesses from them first.

Alex in NYC

Well, the Department of Cultural Affairs building on Columbus Circle is basically gone..... or at least as it was.


The Pan Am building, or whatever they're calling it these days, is one of my favorite buildings.

It is true people really hated the Twin Towers. When I saw the movie "Deep Impact" in the theater (1998), some people laughed and cheered for the scene when the tidal wave destroyed the Twin Towers. I think there's a kind of cultural amnesia now about how unpopular they were.


I like the simplicity of this post. There are buildings in every city; just like trade show displays at every show that everyone loves to hate.

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