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September 07, 2010




You wait until they are 14 and 11!
That's when you really start missing those days when they were little.
That said, watching my two grow up into fine young men has been the most rewarding thing ever.

However, being ambushed by the pair and having the living crap beaten out of ya is one heck of a different story!

Hope to see you in NYC sometime soon Smiffy!

mark e

" enjoy them while they're little."

spot on.
currently we are living through the 'get out of my room' era of teenyears, and it can get quite tough.
luckily our 7 year old reminds us of how our eldest was once a buzzy happy child as opposed to a mass of strops and raging hormones.
having said that, it also means we have a live-in babysitter thereby allowing us old'uns to escape to the pub.
swings and roundabouts.

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