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July 29, 2010


Joe Western

Hey Alex, please keep up the awesome posts! Picked up on your blog with the Vanishing Downtown stuff and have been hooked ever since. Let em' have their Kindles and John Varvatos'es!!! Too many people I feel don't how much NYC has had to offer in the past, and what has been lost. "Without knowledge of your past, you cannot determine your future" ...


Alex, your friend RK is kind of a moron. He's obviously not exactly a mental heavyweight, since he can't separate nostalgia (everything was better when I was younger...) with objective observation (the city has less local character and individuality as a city than it used to...).

I don't share a lot of your musical passions, but I admire your passion and respect your opinion.

RK is full of hot air. You would know that right off, but you're a nice person with enough humility to have self-doubts and to be self-critical. Plus, he's a friend, so you listen. Don't. He sounds like kind of a prick! lol

Alex in NYC

Shit. I didn't mean to set him up as a punching bag. Honestly, he's no moron. A bit intense, yes, but birds of a feather flock together, as they say. I just think it was a valuable lesson for me that perhaps I'm not always conveying my message properly.

Anyway, thanks for the support.


FUCK anyone trying to stop you from doing anything you want. Are you a punk or not? FUCK HIM! and keep up the good work, thank you.

ken mca

i love your memories, and wish they were mine.

ken mca

and ya, keep em coming.


The Village Idiot. Yes. Sawdust on the floor, and lots of space for bar fights.

The meatpacking district sure has changed a lot in a very short time.


send us more your "friend" is an idiota!
"your only as pretty as you feel"


Alex..OK, I take back the names I was calling your buddy RK. Just don't take him too seriously, all right? I think he's kind of missing something important in his critique.

Stay cool.


You, who could publicly defend Yes as a great band, is cowed by a friend who can't tell the difference between critiquing the vast, fast and extreme change you've witnessed, and childhood nostalgia?

Of course there was plenty of crap going on in the past to critique, and if you had a blog then I imagine you would have had something to say then too about that big weird glass condo that went up next to the 59th Street Bridge and then started losing windows, the lack of any kind of policing in places that really needed it, the Marriott on 42nd Street that killed prom goers when the balcony fell down, the downfall of the 86th Street movie theaters, when the Upper East Side was totally invaded by the same people who have now invaded the East Village crowded into tiny apartments, getting strangled in Central Park by preppy boys and so on and so on.

But now is now and then was then, so you talk about the present. Snap out of it.


hey please post more. just 'cuz you (and of course a lotta us) are noticing like nyc is really, really vanishing, doesn't mean it's a conservative view. and to those who say nyc is always changing, what's happening now really really is a different kinda change. like JVY sez that whole vongentrified thing. it's just becoming more and more closed to the everyday person.


excellent documentary photographs, keep posting please


These are so beautiful. Thank you. I could look at pictures of that time period forever. Also, I had no idea that the Idiot, the Manhole, the Hog Pit, were no longer there. Ugh.

I knew the Wetlands was gone.

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