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June 04, 2010



the machine was woefully underappreciated, even though about half the songs on both cd's were kind of lame. there were incredible gems, though, like 'i can't read', a classic of bowie offhandedness. and I'll always have a soft spot for them because bowie finally repaid an enormous debt to bryan ferry and roxy music by covering 'if there is something', albeit in a manner that did not approach the quirky heights of the original.

the critics were out to destroy bowie at that point in time after his crap, excessively commercial '80s output. anything he tried was going to be savaged in the was the old 'woman scorned' syndrome--how dare our darling go so commercial on 'let's dance' and 'tonight' and then not snap back to his critic-friendly low/heroes/lodger brilliance? (go back and read a few reviews of young americans, bowie's commercially successful foray into sould...many were rife with 'how dare he'-ness.)

anyway, tin machine was not as bad as the press and still isn't. not his best work overall, but, like 'black tie, white noise', riddled with some excellent songs that proved the bowie brilliance was still alive, unable to be killed by even the effects-heavy guitaring of gabrels (jesus, how many times can one man use the '90s random note generator setting?).

one thing, though: they were very disappointing live. when we saw them, they seemed determined to just stop playing any song that started to groove and get the audience into it. literally, they just stopped mid-song, bowie made an unintelligible crack, and then they went ahead. it was like he was hell-bent to piss everyone off. maybe he didn't like the reviews.

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