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June 08, 2010


Chris Barrus

The very first store I walked into on my very first trip to NYC (1986) was the original Forbidden Planet. I'd heard all sorts of great things about the place (even out here on the west coast) and was a natural stop.

Ended up getting interviewed by a reporter from the International Herald Tribune who was doing the then-obligatory "comics are not just for kids" story.


I went to the original Forbidden Planet the day that it opened, my friend and I rode the subway in from Queens having heard all about this amazing shop that was opening "in the city". We were 12 years old, and that trip into Manhattan probably began our exploration of all the great book and record stores the city had to offer then. I'm pretty sure I still have the bag that I brought home the stuff I bought that day in a drawer at my Mom's house...


I worked in the building the Burlington Mills Exhibit was in. It was there in the early 80's and I would take the ride often. I am glad someone else remembers it and that I can verify your childhood memory.

Laura S.


I've been on that block (on and off) since 1983. I visited the basement of FP more than once a week for several years. I remember Union Square being desolate.

Sam F

I remember Burlington Mills from the late 70's.

Also found it mentioned in an article in the New York Magazine (Feb 2, 1972) "101 Signs That The City Isn't Dying", No. 25.
Via Google Books at

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