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June 30, 2010



wow. this is the first i hear of his death. I shot R's videos of his crazy tranformers/skateboard battles he staged as performance art pieces in the early 90's. he was wack but I got a funny story: we were doing a late night edit at my studio when he got up and left, leaving his wife to stay at the edit session. he hadn't returned by 5am and she was getting worried and decided to goi back home. we found out a couple day later that he had gotten busted at thompkins square park buying dime bags of blow. i still have those hi-8 tapes somewhere, I should dig them up.

check out das racist for some cool new rap, btw.

Matt Freidson

R.I.P. R:L:Z.

For those that only ever heard Beat Bop, some more of his cuts here:

Alex in NYC

Cheers, Matt. Thanks for that.

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